The Best SEO Options As Per Your Requirement Now

In the source text of a website, several so-called “meta-statements” can be made in the header area. While the specification description (i.e., “description”) still has certain relevance and can be used with Google to display the search result is to specify keywords for a long time, long obsolete.

Why is that?

Many, many years ago, this information was actually evaluated by the search engines (and Google). It was used to determine the positioning (the so-called ranking). Actually, a cool and simple thing: In the source code of a website you simply say what you wrote this text for and what search query you want to appear in the results. The Affordable SEO options are there now.

But this is very academic thought – and did not even work properly in the early days of the Internet. Why? Because there were “resourceful” webmasters who just wanted to get their pages displayed. No matter whether it matched the search – or not.


Because this search engine spamming was so easy, so many did in the hope that by registering hundreds of keywords, they would be able to direct as many readers as possible to their website. Only these spammers have thought too briefly: What good will many visitors, if they do not find what they are looking for? They are then ratzfatz away again.

Since Google wanted to make money through the ads (Google Adwords), that was not effective. Because only if the search engine delivers the most useful and relevant results, it is used again and again. That’s why Google officially stopped evaluating this information back in 2009.

  • Even if your Content Management System continues to give you the option of specifying “meta: keywords” – just leave this section blank. The Google Robot is not looking at it anymore !
  • Now there may be people who tell you, yes, not Google, but other search engines. That may even be true.
  • This is not relevant for your search engine optimization.

Why not?

Just look at the market share of Google at Statista. Then you realize very quickly that it is not worthwhile to optimize for a search engine other than Google.

By the way, if you use the SEO plugin from Yoast in WordPress: The focus keyword that you can enter there has nothing to do with the meta phrase “keywords”. Specifying this focus keyword just helps the plugin do its job. It will not be passed on to Google in any way and will not automatically “optimize” your site.

  • The most frequent repetition of the keyword in the text
  • “How often should a keyword appear in a blog article?” experts are regularly asked.
  • As often as necessary. As little as possible.

Once upon a time, it was recommended that the keyword or keyword phrase be repeated over and over again at a certain percentage in the text. Once upon a time, as many as 7% of the word count was recommended as keyword repetition!

Experience the Perfection in SEO Now With The Best

Do you create a new website or an online store? We recommend to work out its optimization for search engines in advance. In this article we have collected 27 tips and important SEO requirements, respecting which; you will significantly reduce the budgets for the promotion of the new site in the future.

Creating a website or an online store in the hope of further development of the business, to date, it is not enough just to create it and put it on the Internet. For good positions in the SERP, Yandex or Google it is not enough to collect a large catalog of goods with thousands of products for the online store or huge sheets of text for the information resource, you need to work hard within SEO and usability. If you opt for SEO that is Affordable then it is for sure that you will be able to have the perfect deals now.

Perhaps you have already heard that a detailed site audit and qualitative optimization are expensive and time consuming. However, at the stage of development of the site, observing our advice, optimization will cost relatively inexpensively, and the result will be achieved much faster than when revisions are already ready site or online store.

  1. Set up Google Analytics counters and / or Yandex Metric

The data collected by these counters is extremely important for the development of a website or an online store. Analytics will allow us to collect information about the actions of website visitors, and then use it to increase the conversion of an online store or attendance for an information resource. On the site it will be enough to install one of the proposed Google Analytics counter or Yandex Metric, or both for a more complete picture.

  1. Noindex and / or Nofollow Attributes

SEO-experts recommend hiding duplicate text blocks using the noindex, nofollow attributes. For example, the noindex tag does not allow search engines from Yandex and Google and other search engines to index replays, which makes the content of a particular page more unique. The nofollow tag superimposed on the links leading to external resources prevents the search robots from clicking on these links. Thus, we leave the “weight” of the page at home and do not pass it to a third-party resource.

  1. The speed of page loading is important

The speed of page loading is important not only for search engines, but also for site visitors. Users do not like to wait, and you, as a user, probably agree with us. Do not try to pile up all the information on one page, split into several pages.

  1. Page 404 Error

If a user navigates through a non-existent link to your site (the reasons may be different, for example you deleted the page or re-stored in a different way), redirect it to the 404 error page. The advantage of this page is that it shows that the requested page is not available and useful content can be placed on it, for example, links to important sections of the site or product catalog. If there is no such page, the user will simply open a blank page with which he cannot go anywhere.