Best Options for Effective Digital Marketing

How many articles on promotion in the network you read? There was no feeling that everyone was proposing different strategies, but in fact they were chewing on the same ideas? His recommendations are atypical and cause some shock. But whether it is “harmful advice” or serious recommendations, it is worthwhile to get acquainted with them.

The Space

The space of the Internet is like a gloomy jungle and extremely dangerous. A tweet or a rep at a contact can cost you a job, and one dissatisfied customer can become a nightmare of the entire PR department.

Given the huge risks, is it not annoying that everyone and everyone has their own particular opinion about the online strategy of your company? Every moron with a smartphone, going online, suddenly turns into an expert marketer. It is impossible to decide what is important and what is not. Do you use contextual advertising or is it a waste of money? Publish tweets three times a day or three times a week? Confused by contradictory advice, businessmen are increasingly abandoning their power to conquer the network. Fine options for the digital marketing solutions are there now.

But family, friends and all marketing blogs are mistaken. Here are five steps that need to be taken to succeed in the digital age.

Stop sending emails

  • After a few drafts and a long editorial, your carefully crafted newsletter is finally ready for shipping. The marketing department composed wonderful, attractive headlines. You send letters and wait for the jump in sales … but your email goes straight to the “basket”.
  • Did you know that according to statistics, less than 3% of mail accounts are opened? Perhaps, you even have more chances to get into the client’s window! However, you can do without breaking the law and still attract attention.
  • Just send envelopes with sparkles to customers on ordinary mail. They are crumbling. They fall everywhere. Girls simply adore them. Guys can sprinkle a beard on their holiday. If you work in any boring industry, sequins can give your business an indescribable shade of originality. And you can also send marmalades, because everyone loves marmalades.

The words are checked by the deed, so stop spending money on copywriters and send sequins. Well, or do something else. But even stupid letters with sparkles will attract more attention to you than a carefully composed newsletter.

Avoid Social Media

You do not have time for all these social networks. You need to develop business.If you have a child, do not you expect that he will take care of himself? Of course not. Then why do you start instragrams for the child of your mind, if you do not have enough resources to beat his place in the market?

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